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And Now for Something Completely Different

Among the special junk mail I get at least once a year (and certainly at this time of year – just in time for Christmas) is a catalogue for the BBC Canada Shop.  It’s got all the stuff you’d expect: DVDs of every BBC series you could imagine, mini-series, docs, etc. etc.

And it’s also got a quirky selection of ‘gift’ items (ie. the promotional and/or odd, nerdy, very British, or just plain stoopid) most of which are rather dear (though I’m cheap like an old Scot when it comes to such things – BTW the DVDs ain’t cheap either, although maybe $316.98 isn’t so bad for 77 hours of All Creatures Great and Small: The Complete Collection).  Anyway, a taste:

But my 15431favourite for this year is Grow Your Own Shamrocks:

“It’s easy to share the luck of the Irish, no matter how far you live from the Emerald Isle. All you need is a pound of the auld sod, a packet of official Irish Shamrock seeds (all guaranteed Irish by the Irish Department of Agriculture) and a beautiful Belleek fine Parian china bowl (2½”h x 6″ diameter) to plant them in” (Price: $42.98).

Official Irish Dirt?  Isn’t that Bertie Ahern?

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