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A Little Late, But ….

in keeping with the ongoing collection of Holy Week Humour – and to highlight once again the degeneration of my blog reading – I add this now in order to repeat it next year.

via Indexed.

PS – Waiting for The Vinyl Cafe … still … just … hangin’ around.

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Geniuses of Energy (In Doll Form!)


I got my own copy of The Man Machine right after it came out in 1976.  It was on 8 Track!  Bought it at Eddie’s Swap-A-Tape, a school bus painted purple parked in the parking lot of the Avon Shopping Center.

And once upon a time, in an age when I was far further ahead of the curve than my friends, I was building an mp3 collection via FTP (ie. in the era before Napster).  Among those songs I desperately sought to acquire was the German version The Model, and having acquired it, I set out to memorize the German lyric.  Hey, you can’t work on a dissertation every waking hour.  Sadly, I can’t remember all the words any longer.

Dirk Roessler via Dangerous Minds.

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Impulse Buying at Dollarama

I couldn’t resist these.  Of course, I want to put them up as a pair of inter-racial couples, but at the same time, I really don’t want to take em outta the package.

wacky! farfelu!

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The Shortest Road to Your Happy Place

Random samples from Cute Overload.

Rule of Cuteness #3: an Inquisitive Look
oh, AND putting your paws up. Why don’t you just shoot us?

(But if you need the EpiPen version of cute, go to YouTube and search Slow Loris.)

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Your 420 Visuals for the Day

Paper art by Jen Stark.

via boingboing.

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Feed Me, See Mow!

Alright, I’d like to make it up to everybuddy I traumatized the last time I posted a pic of a Scutigera Coleoptrata.  (Don’t look again, you fools!)

Perhaps this picture will make you feel better.

via (again) those sick Scutigera lovers at boingboing.

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I Ate His Noodlie Appendages

via boingboing.

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