About Me: Blog just sounds like ‘blah, blah, blah’ plus ‘ugh’

I hate the word ‘blog’.  I guess I even hate the idea of it.  But since the interweb is prone to overnight changes (as you newb-but-now-addicted-to-facebook types now realize) I can hope that the medium gets a better name and can be assured it’ll get a better shape at some point during which I’d be a regular participant in it. 

But I hate the fact that anybuddy can do this.  Like all other online genres, sorting out what kinds of things I want to read, then sorting out the shit, then noting all the promising authors who are ‘taking a break’ is just a whole lot of work.  And then putting myself into the game, WTF do I have to say on any semi-regular basis that is not some boring form letter, yet holds together in some sort of way that makes it worth my effort to write and – most importantly – worth your effort to read?  TMI issues aside, what kind of diary-like stuff about me and mine should I put out there? 

FYI, I only want to know but a little about strangers cats; yet, I’ve got a ton of animals and I might think that some of what they do is worthy of comment.  Though, I like to think that I’m just a sort of low-rent natural philosopher who thinks that at least some of the behaviour of the sentient beings I might encounter (some which are my pets and some which are wild things in my neighbourhood) is worthy of comment because someone might regard my observations as significant in some small way.

But who am I really?  Well, my business cards, the design and production of which I had to arrange myself, say:

Jack C. Laughlin
Associate Professor
Department of Religious Studies
University of Sudbury
Sudbury, ON
(705) 673-5661 X154

[K, since I wrote this, I decided I hated Bell and thus dumped them, internet, satellite and phone.  So, my email address of record has, sadly, reverted to my crappity crap crap school one: jlaughlin@laurentian.ca.]

I guess you need to know that here:  yeah, I guess 13 years of post-secondary education will make someone that smug.

But what I think you really need to know about me in order to understand what I want to say here is:

I don’t expect to be treated like a fool no more,
I don’t expect to sleep all night.


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