Notes from the First Walk Longer than 3 Blocks I’ve Taken in Quite Awhile

So, just got back from the Home Hardware godown (literally a godown – hardware’s all in the basement). On the walk to and fro I observed the following.

  1. Many very busy Robins. White-Throated Sparrows flocking on my street and also very busy.
  2. It may have been chilly earlier, but warmed up enough that I sweated up my sweatshirt real good.
  3. Everyone and his dog (literally) was out.
  4. And speaking of said sweatshirt (or hoodie, properly speaking), it is bright red with the logo of Les Canadiens de Montréal on the front. Honest to god, I really do sometimes forget that most ppl in this country actually care about hockey or at least carry a continuous awareness of it.
    • Ran into my neighbour Marcella. She asked if I was actually a Cdns fan.
    • Ran into a group of ladies walking their dogs (see #3). One asked if I was hoping to see them (ie. Les Canadiens) play this year. “As much as anybody, I guess,” said I, to be polite – I could give a rat’s patootie truth be told.
    • Kid in the convenience store next to the Home Hardware (where I stopped cause I had to buy water cause I was parched – see sweaty sweatshirt above) said, “great shirt.” He seemed a little disappointed when I told him I’d bought it cause it was cheap and cause it’s red (and hence blaze-like).
    • Ran into a guy in a Bruins shirt in the HH, 3 times as I walked around the isles. Three times he said in a loud voice, “booo Montréal!”
    • Walking out of HH I ran into him again. I said in a loud voice, “booo Boston!”
    • Few Minutes later, Buddy drives by me, rolls down his window, and I hear a loud dopplering “BOOOoooo!”

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