“Doubtful News” is Redundant

[BTW, before I go on this tear, is it necessary to disclose that I am not a believer?]

So here I got myself an abfab opportunity to drive home a point expressed or implied in some previous posts.

Not only are atheist responses to the latest outrage perpetrated by the religious (as reported by hincky and not-so-hinky media) jawdroppingly base in their substance, but – and this is the gold-standard kicker – the atheists, in their haste to report a gotcha, readily gussy themselves up in gullibility to share what they present as unassailable good news.

These are moments when the diktats of skepticism are conveniently set aside for the greater good of the cause.

Case.in.point. Last week our friend idoubtit and the blog Canadian Atheist quoted stories from The Star-Tribune,  The Guardian, and The Toronto Star (an important fact as you’ll see in a minute), pulled from AP, Reuters, and AP again respectively. To wit:

Cult living underground raided by Russian police.

Oh nozz! Freaky Muslims (and their womenz and chid’ren) held hostage underground, under the thumb of their creepy leader.

Well lookie there, The Star reports today that maybe things weren’t quite as they appeared:

A brief visit inside the compound, which provided shocking headlines around the world when police raided it and seized the children, revealed none of the elaborate underground design described by prosecutors. Nor does a police video showing rooms inside. The father of a cult member, who originally disapproved of his daughter joining the group, said he was able to visit freely and has no complaints about how members live or treat their children.

This is a movie I’m seeing over and over again lately. Anybuddy remember the story about the new law in Egypt legalizing the ultimate dead fuck? If so, did you also see that the story was completely discredited?[UPDATE] (Seems that even PZ Meyers couldn’t himself be bothered to note this fact, though to their credit some of his commenters did.)

And I tellya, this is a movie I’ve see in long drawn-out classic fashion in times long past. Thuggee anyone?

So, heads up atheists, when I argue at some future point that you and your ideology are the – witting or unwitting – handmaid of Neo-Liberalism, don’t even fucking dare to take me to task. No doubt in my mind that you are the contemporary equivalent of Low Church 19th century Britsh Liberals and Utilitarians.

[UPDATE] Alright, alright. To try to satisfy anonymous commenter and Doubtful News Fan “Chew,” I note that Doubtful News corrected this story. But like I told, uh, it, “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube ….”


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  1. jackrroo said

    A little something suggesting that the stoopidity and irrationality of virtual atheists just comes with the virtual territory:


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