Not Just Brilliant …

… but effin MacGyver brilliant.

And because I haven’t done a stoopid pet post in awhile, I submit the following.

Aquaria are, in general, durdy.  Turtles are very durdy.  And the time had come, wherein, I had to do a major cleanup after Mr. Turtle.

Now, I’d seen aquaria in a pet store that had plastic foliage as substrate and that made me want to line my tanks that way, but I couldn’t find the material with which to do that – on the cheap.  Then in the Dollarama last week I found 10″ X 10″ mats of that very thing.  One problem: how to keep the fake plastic plants from floating to the top?

Without a good answer to that question, and with more important things to do, I put off any attempt to clean the turtle tank and employ the mats (whose intended usage is god knows what).  Last night, bored and otherwise avoiding real work, I put my head to the problem. (And ‘sides, the time to put off turtle maintenance was at an end, for a recent algae bloom was so bad my turtle friend couldn’t be seen!) 

Looking through my strange assortment of hardware, there it was, my solution: 10 suction cup wall hooks – also from the dollar store – which had turned out not to work worth a shite really, and had just sat in a drawer for ages and ages.  They turned out to fit nicely into the bottom of the mats which I joined together with zip ties.

Turtle tank freshly cleaned, lined with plastic clover, gear cleaned, new filter and aeration stone in place.

As I said, turtles are durdy.  Not just durdy, but effin stinky, slimy, mucky, chock fulla salmonella durdy.  Now, I hope, oxygen will get through the substrate to kill the pond smell and that I’ll be able to siphon out more of the sediment when I change out the water.

(BTW, when I siphoned out the tank last night, for the first time ever, I got a mouth fulla aquarium water.  Blech!  Raced to the bathroom and swilled a buncha Listerine.)


  1. t. young said

    i have a ferret. not as fuckin messy as a turtle but a least turtles don’t shit on yer kitchen floor.

  2. jackrroo said

    Oh, I have one of those too (along with many many other exotic and not so exotic life forms).

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