You Know It’s Offically Winter in Norther Ontario When …

… somebody and his snow machine goes through the ice on a not yet really frozen lake.


A Hawk Junction man is missing and presumed dead after his snowmachine went through the ice on Manitowik Lake late Thursday.

Family contacted Ontario Provincial Police when Daniel Boisseneau, 46, did not return home.

Boisseneau was riding alone on the lake, an estimated six kilometres east of Hawk Junction, said Sgt. Ken Evans of the OPP detachment in Chapleau.

Police and Michipicoten Fire and Emergency Services could not find Boisseneau.


Sgt. Evans said Manitowik Lake is not completely frozen over. There are still sections of open water.

“From being there (Friday), from talking to our officers that were there, it wouldn’t be deemed to be a time that we would be taking our machines on there,” he said.

“I don’t think, based on what they thought, other members of the public should be going on any kind of ice in that area.”

Heavy snowfall Friday delayed the Bracebridge-based OPP underwater search and recovery unit from heading north to Wawa. Hawk Junction is about 30 kilometres east of that community.

“They’re the only ones right now that can actually get into the water and conduct an intense search,” said Evans.

On Saturday, the recovery unit had to contend with “bottlenecked” traffic due to three major highways, 400, 11 and 69, being closed Friday.

Manitowik Lake varies in depth from 60 to 300 feet. “It does go quite deep,” said Evans.



  1. jackrroo said

    UPDATE: I heard my 1st news report of the season of a snow machine enthusiast losing his sled in a lake, because HE WAS TRYING TO RIDE IT OVER OPEN WATER!

    (It was to my jaw-dropping surprise that I discovered my 1st winter up here that that’s a form of fun round these parts!)

  2. jackrroo said

    UPDATE II: Man in hospital after snowmobiling accident

    Jan 08, 2010

    By: Sudbury Northern Life Staff

    A 51-year-old Greater Sudbury man is in the hospital with several injuries after striking a pressure crack on Lake Panache sometime before 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 7.

    The man, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered a broken arm and wrist, spinal injuries and head injuries. He remains at St. Joseph’s Health Centre for treatment, according to a release from Greater Sudbury Police.

    The severity of his spinal and head injuries has not been indicated.

    Snowmobilers are urged to take safety precautions, “including the wearing of a helmet and appropriate attire,” stated the police in the release.

    “Riders should be cognizant of the ice conditions and are reminded that conditions can change daily depending on the weather.”

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