Sure, Their Universities All Suck, But I Can Think Of Several Reasons To Teach There

(Too bad I couldn’t find the segement after where Anderson Cooper interviews a Zoologist who’s wearing a gorgeous albino Burmese Python.)

Now, those who know me can imagine what kinda of home I’d have if found myself living in Florida.

Those who don’t, know that I’d be pretty much running a small(ish) rescue for Burmese Pythons, Iguanas and other like animals (versions of which I already have!) because while the care would cost more than I’m spending now, it would be a bunch easier.

K, raising Guinea Pigs as livestock is a little busier – and ultimately more unpleasant – than raising mice. But on the other hand being able to play in the yard all year round and so keep the Iguanas in Hibiscus, Nasturtium and other fresh goodies they really like would be, again, an upside to living down there.

Of course, my friends would eventually be suggesting a moratorium, cuz with a yard filled with secure enclosures for rescued tropical species, WTF not get an African Grey Parrot?


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