I Hate Disney

Of course I don’t “hate” Disney; you’d have to have the heart of Cruella De Vil to hate Disney. Hmmmm, well, I guess bunches of those Brownshirts who worked for Disney in the 30s and 40s probably actually hated Disney,*** or at least the sentiments upon which it made its money.

And that’s what I hate ABOUT Disney – they play me (and everybuddy else) in order to make kabillions of dollars. And everybuddy gets played by the same little set of grifts over and over and over again.

Saturday night I watched Bolt, what I had PVRd. Finding Nemo meets Toy Story meets Lady and the Tramp meets Pinocchio meets … whatever.

Naive/self-deceived main chr, figuratively lost, gets literally lost, only to find himself with the help of friends he finds along the way: the dumb/naive one with a wish to find himself in adventure or experience of his own; the hardened streetwise one, lost in her own way, secretly longing only to be found in friendship. Quixotic pooch finds opportunity to be a real hero in the end and everybuddy lives happily everafter. Completely sanitized Disney: good old-fashioned Disney would have sacrificed Penny’s mom or something.

And then, a song:***

I have been a lot of things
They may not all be true
My experience was so mysterious
Till I met you

Now the sun will rise in the east
But I’m barking at the moon

There is no home like the one you’ve got
‘Cause that home belongs to you
Woo, hoo, here I come
Woo, hoo, back to you
There is no home like the one you’ve got
‘Cause that home belongs to you

The religion of Disney really has collapsed under its own weight, for, again, old-fashioned Disney would have completed the rite of passage more traditionally with some fundamental alteration of home or its inhabitants; instead they return to a longed-for ideal unaltered by the experiences that preceded it. It’s Bambi or Lion King inverted. Hmmm, maybe fascism at Disney isn’t dead.

But closer to home, so to speak, if you imagine Disney used to serve some real didactic purposes, it does no more. For fear of the Big Bad Wolf, the character and what he represents, Disney has nothing to tell about growing up and parents shelter their kids in virtual gilded cages of both the interior and the exterior life.

***The reference to the same in Family Guy last night made me spit.

***Not the only song. But let us not speak about the duet by the voice of Bolt and the voice of Penny, that sexed up sixteen year old Disneyotronic evil-lair creation. Hey, who knew, she was actually born with a real stripper name? Destiny Hope.

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