Where Can I Buy a Bowler Hat?

I just started reading The League of Ordinary Gentlemen and while they often write stuff that makes me suck in breath between my teeth, I like them for they know right wing batshit crazy when they see it.  A taste from the last few days.

Frummaging Through Foreign Policy

by Chris Dierkes

David Frum is Dickensian: the best and worst of Republican thinkers.  Assuming there are any left.  His work on a domestic reform based conservatism is I think excellent.  His foreign policy views, eh, not as much.

Averaging out Best and Worst you get Mediocre.  The Mighty Douche.

Race and the Right

by Mark Thompson


On the other hand, I think we’ve reached a point where the American Right is as or more obsessed with racial victim politics than the American Left.  [Read more →]

I ♥ this shit – it reminds me of every bilious rant I heard from the boys back in the day about how unfair it be that female candidates would get some kind of leg up in the process of filling academic positions.  You know, a girlfriend-smackin’ fascist with short-guy syndrome among those fellas has got himself a nice gig with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Theological (Glenn) Beckism

by Chris Dierkes

Not that I/you should expect much in the way of logical rigor from Glenn Beck, but is anyone else a little confused by Principles 2 & 4 in the 9/12 Project: 

2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.

4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.

Of course according to principle #2, God is (or rather should be) the ultimate authority, not the government nor you and your wife (sorry honey).

Plus, why is God #2 when God is the center of life (supposedly) and principle #1 is:

1. America Is Good.

Meaning actually America is God , I mean, good.

If God were the center of one’s life, wouldn’t God come before America being good?

I realize this isn’t exactly The Summa Theologica, but still.

I really don’t know what to say about Beck.  I shudder at all jingoistic appeals (specially ‘merican ones) even when they’re made so obviously just for the sake of fame and filty lucre.  But this jab at the carelessness and emptiness of the latest incarnation of Lonesome Rhodes really is TFF.


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