Two Weeks into the Municipal Composting Program

Starter_Kit_EnglishI meant to get up really early Friday morning, and the Friday morning before that for that matter, to check to see if the racoons or the bears had broken into any of the Green Carts now in use on my street.  The City insists that the carts are sturdy enough, but I’m sure that they are no trouble for the clever coons and brawny bruins.  Although, I left compostable material in my cart for a few days and it remained safe.

I’m keen to hear how well this program works now that it’s been spread to the entire municipality after a limited pilot project.  (We seem to have been almost the last street in the municipality to get carts, so the program has been in operation for awhile.)  I’m certain plenty of people in this part of the world won’t be keen on the special bags that are required, at a cost of $0.20-$o.25 each, never mind the collection of compostable waste in a little bucket.

Of course, I’ve been saving my compostables for a long time.  (And I have, in fact, a little too much stuff collected some of which got a little too wet in August and hence came to the notice of my neighbour – some of what’s save may make it into the cart before winter.)  But, I like this system for I produce even less garbage now because I can put all my non-recyclable paper in the cart; this week I produced no significant quantity of garbage.

This week will be the real test for I’m pushing the rule-boundaries a bit.  The rules here are a little stricter than in the GTA.  No, I’m not supposed to put “pet waste and litter” in there.  I’ve been composting some of the organic stuff from the attic pets, but not all.  Now, somewhat by accident, I’ve got the large bags, which are almost as big as the cart, as well as the small bags for the kitchen composter; thelarge ones are being put to use in the attic in a cat litter bucket to collect stuff like old iguana food, bird seed leftovers.  Today I cleaned out the rat cage bedding and waste (RIP Milo) and the mouse containers, which I fill with litter made from recycled newspaper.  All this filled up a big compostable bag and into the cart it went.  (I had to start a new bag for the guinea pig bedding and poo.)  Now all of this material is compostable and I don’t think there’s a solid argument against putting it in the cart (in TO you can throw disposable diapers in the Green Cart).  But, the boys from WM seem to suffer from what I euphemistically call low job satisfaction and it will not surprise me if they deem my stuff not according to Hoyle, and leave it at my curbside.


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