Inaugurating Another Category

From about spring my regular blog-viewing has become increasingly visual.***  So within my vow to update this blog regularly – and by copping stuff from other sites as need be – I plan to pass on such visuals as catch my fancy.  I thought something from Awkward Family Photos or This is Photobomb would win the honour of 1st post under the category of “Pix,” but it’s this pic from Photo Journal which was the first I’d seen that I felt like passing along.

I think it tells you a lot about Islam, and every other religious tradition with a substantial tradition of fasting for that matter.

Like Nietzsche said, “The stomach is the reason why man does not so readily take himself for a God.”

Bangladesh Ramadan

A fruit vendor waited for customers during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tuesday. (Pavel Rahman/Associated Press)

***Geez, that seems an awfully pretentious way to say I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures (mostly vulgar), videos (mostly cute or silly), and comics (all vulgar, cute or silly).

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