Just Cut the Compensation Cheque Now, Part II

This rant has bin simmerin for awhile (arguably for years).  Now I gotta let it out a bit (again).

Christ in the cracker in Stephen Harper’s pocket! 

Are there any Canadians abroad in dire need that this (or any future) federal government will reach out to try to help or defend?

D, I honestly don’t want to offend you or the many other hard-working folks in the foreign service or at DFAIT at large.  But man!  It seriously looks like the attitude if not the policy is that if any of ours (especially the non-cradle-Canadians of colour) gets in any sort of jam they are completely on their own.  More than that, it now seems that if they venture beyond our borders, they de facto void any and all claims to their Canadian citizenship and the rights and prerogatives entailed therein.

I really don’t wanna make like a Moore Award nominee here but don’t this stink like any number of forms of chauvinism to you?

Khadr is the case in mind and the one, admittedly, among the toughest to prove as racist (still at least islamophobic in my mind).

And just to show that I’m not histrionical or totally partisan on the issue, I think about William Sampson maybe even first and foremost when I think about it.***

But these days, the tribulations of Kenyan Canadians abroad make me want to spit in the faces of Lawrence Cannon and Peter Van Loan.  (K, I want to do that in any event.)

So, the guy who said the BLACK WOMAN’S lips didn’t look the same as in her passport photo got called back to Ottawa.  To get seriously bitch-slapped for it if not fired I can only hope (tho I’d feel sorry for the PSAC steward who’d have to grieve any discipline that asshat might face).  If the gov’t doesn’t quietly settle with this poor woman, I’ll know my sense of all this is true.

And am I right that it’s only because of Suaad Hagi Mohamud that we now know about Abdihakim Mohamed, “a 25-year-old Canadian who has autism” (!) who’s “been stuck in Kenya since a 2006 attempt to renew his passport was halted by Canadian officials who claimed his ears looked different in a new passport photo”?

So Canadian foreign service personnel are looking closely at the lips and ears of Africans holding Canadian passports!

al jolson black face[1] 

If they ain’t racist, they sure got some collective Asberger’s.

Mr. Mohamed, the news says, is also going to get back to Canada real soon.  A piece of advice for the government official who cuts the cheques: get it right, 1 for Ms. Mohamud, 1 for Mr. Mohamed.  And to the banks, you really oughta make sure that neither encounters any ID trouble when they deposit them.

So like I suggested in my first post on this topic, the gov’t should be figuring out how to pay out Omar Khadr rather than continuing to try to keep this Canadian citizen out of the country.

And related to this file, seems that Harper has handed down some excellent newspeak for our diplomats: speaking for Canada it’s now taboo to callem child soldiers.  I’ve got to admit, the guy who cooked this up is brilliant for are there means any more foxy to smoke off a basis for a refugee claim?

Far less subtle, Ottawa’s appeal to the SCOC of the lower court ruling that the gov’t is obliged to try to repatriate Omar Khadr.  I’m tired of arguing about what’s wrong with this position and I’m tired of everyone who approves of it. 

When this very damaged young man finally gets back to Canada I hope he gets David Milgaard sized money and I hope he takes to all the minbars across this country to preach revolution, cuz I know if my fate was his, I sure the fuck would.  Hell, I’d probably kick in a few settlement bucks for one or more causes that go KABOOM!

***Friends know about the troubles I feared I’d have had in India and when I look at them now I wonder if my government’s consular services would have done any more for me than they did for Sampson and I reckon they’d have damned me with diplomacy: “we neither confirm nor deny that Mr. Laughlin was a spy for this or any other government.”


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