Introducing a New Category

So, the new work year is almost upon us. Soon I will have to sit in fluorescent lighting for hours at a time, in a tie most of the time, trying to keep busy in ways other than those produced by adminstrative obligations.

And so I’m revowing to keep this thing updated regular like.

To do that I suppose I’ve got to do what lots of others do: pass on things from other blogzenzeitz.

To inaugurate this I present the following, via TYWKIWDBI via Gizmodo via ThinkGeek:

brownie pan

 The “all-edges” brownie pan.  I wonder if there’s a pizza pan in this shape.


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  1. jackrroo said

    @any WordPress users: I tried to do this by posting the pic from an URL but couldn’t get that to work. Some help? (Oh well, easy enough to just save the pic and insert it and no burden with my new gianormous amount of storage.)

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