Preface to Remarks on the Nonsense of Popular Body-Mod Hermeneutics

Alright, there I was at the Sudbury city bus terminus, always teeming with local colour.  This though was pretty cake-taking.  Ok, won’t hold against her the 30 extra lbs around her waist.  Won’t question her fashion sense – pink tootoo, calf-high pink Chuck-Taylor-esque tennies, tight tee with broad horizontal black and white stripes, and buzz-cut save for a short tail in the middle of the back of her head.

But the large tattoos, like denuded shrubbery, around both eyes.  I gotta say, first, WTF consented to do that to your 20 something face!  I know some local tattooists, and know of almost all the rest, and if any of them are responsible for that, I think they need to suffer some consequences. 

More importantly, I gotta say, honey, you are an asshole.  Your appearance already says that you crave social marginalization, but you can change that once you grow the fuck up.  But now you’ve gone and made it permanent and clearly a day will come, if it hasn’t already, where you become a burden of the state ’cause HTF are you going to keep any meaningful and gainful employment?


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