There’s Something about Home Renos

I’m handy enough.  I mean, I’m no star.  I know guys who know how to do lots of trades work, and they taught me a bit of stuff.  I wish I knew how to do some stuff better.  Still, I’m not deluded like some guys I know; I mean, I know my limits.

Drop ceiling.  I was pretty sure I could pull that off.  So, among the bunches of Rona supplies I copped in spring was gear for that for my about 10′ x 20′ basement ‘rec room’.

I hummed and hawed about it for a long time.  One problem was how to light the space with this kind of ceiling.  Finally, I got a pair of 4″ outdoor recessed fixtures and with that decsion made, there was nothing stopping me from doing the work.

As my Facebook friends know, I started Friday.  I really tried to go along with real caution but the further along I got the less it seemed to matter.  I mean, it came to appear as an easier and easier project.

It became another Lego for big people kind of thing.

I was going to post the following in the FB thread about this:

So, now ( Monday 3:00 AM)  it’s totally done.  Yes, yesterday’s hangover delayed completion.  But that fact only serves to reinforce my basic remarks about drop ceilings – fyi, this work is easy-peasy, no amount of booze is too much or too dangerous (still, at the time, make sure all the power is off b4 you wire up the lights, and maybe sobriety is in order there).  In the end what error would I council others to avoid?  Do your arithmetic very carefully: the DIY sites will tell you to buy 10% more than you need.  Solid advice.  Me?  I was casual with my sums and now I’ve got a whole 24 pack of tiles and, as I said, lotsa extra hooks.  Still, the tiles were some sorta discontinued thing at Rona so, they didn’t cost me a boodle.  And if I’d understood the process better I might have saved a little coin by buying more 2′ tees and fewer 4′ tees to be cut to fit into the less than 1′ spaces.

I’m pretty pleased with myself.  It was fun, I learned a little something, and now, if I fix the drywall in the bedroom attached to this room and settle on some flooring, I’ll have a great space to do with as I want.


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