With What Shall We Toast Dominion Day?

Alright, seriously, I was only going out for a drywall saw, garden hose, this and that (all subsidized by $40 in CT money – woohoo!) since I went for booze yesterday.

But since there’s an LCBO in that same lot, I figured, why not go in? OMG, the only things still well stocked on the shelves were pricey wine and Alcool!  I wish I had my camera cuz I really would have liked a photo of the almost empty Canadian Whiskey shelf.

Lots of notable behaviour.  First, I wondered at several people who were buying beer. Second, I marvelled at the man who snatched the last 7 mickeys of CC, but graciously offered one to the woman who reached for the same just that much too late.  Third, the gratitude on the faces of the people to whom I pointed out that there were still several 26s of Seagram’s 83 on the bottom shelf.

I was just going to walk away, but then I thought, why not join the Soviet-era-like fun of queuing up to buy goods I don’t really want before even they are sold out. I was tempted to grab all the Henckel Trocken, but I was hiking with only the backpack and no eco-bags. 😉

The cashier was by no means pleasant but was as mannered as could be expected under the circumstances – like the last shopping day before Chrsitmas but with the prospect of no more pay from 12:01 AM Wednesday until God knows when. After settling up with her I smiled and said, solidarity forever.  She smiled back.

I left with the last two 26’s of Tanqueray.  Perhpas I can ration these, as well as my 40 of Stolichnaya, with the addition of plenty of tonic and lime.


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