Here to Report in More than 140 Characters

As some have heard, I’m a little blog-bored lately.  Subsequently, I’ve ditched a few/added a few subscriptions in ye ole aggregator but I’m still yawnin’.  So after all the Obama coverage, and all the Twitter references by the media types with so very little to report on a the day-trip that shook the world (well, our part of the world), oh yes, and after all the references in the rerun of The Agenda with Steve Pakin Wednesday night – in which that amphibious self-taught half-wit Robert Sawyer*** asserted that those of us dinosaurs whose pedagogy still employs primarily the lecture are why kids today don’t learn – I signed up.  A friend asked me, “what’s the point?” when I reported this and explained what the site does.  So far, I’ve got no answer.  At present, I’m “following” but a handful of folks (famous and not so famous) and no one is “following” me.  A metaphor for my life as a beta male 😉

***WTF includes his honorary D. Litt. (from Laurentian!) behind his name?  Oh yeah, sci-fi boy also asserted that all these alternative media are the revenge of the nerds: MSM, TV especially, favours the good-looking who orate without flaw; so blogs etc. give voice and audience to the ugly stutterers with marginal opinions.  A little projection, Bob?  Rex Murphy, Bob, Rex Murphy.

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  1. jackrroo said

    Oh yeah, and it’s *cack* “Tweet Week.”

    Another internet medium with a dumb cant and not only that but one that’s adopted a cant engine. I am a tw + verb – initial consonant(s) free zone.

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