The Expo was Fun … and It’ll be back in May!

I got almost all the gear I needed at the Expo and saved a few bux I think (no tax!): ceramic heat lamp for the poor iguana who’s had to suffer with an inadequate infrared bulb for a couple of weeks; 13 watt CFL UVB 2.0 for the new turtle and 26 watt UVB 5.0 for when the iguana’s needs replacing.

Fortunately, I guess, no vendors were prepared to take credit.  (But that forced me to run out to get cash which was a pain.)

Still, credit was not going to allow me to buy the pet I really thought I was going take out of there.  I really thought I was going to get a hedgehog thinking they were going to be far less expensive than I’d found them in local shops; the one at the Expo (of indeterminant age) was $150!  So, no new exotic mammal in the house.  And I had a place all ready for him.  😦 

I ran into the former student and his buddy who’d told me earlier in the week that they were going.  Try as buddy the arachnophile might, he could not convince me to buy a tarantula.  (He bought 4 more for his collection. *shudder*).

There were a lot of neat animals, lots of lizards, amphibians, fish, rodents and birds.  The folks who sold me the gear were selling food; among their offerings were very large mealworms that were almost azure!

And there were some beautiful baby snakes.  For the life of me I can’t remember the two species I was really keen on (one was all black, one was pale yellow with fine black markings).  But, they were +$150 and I couldn’t do it.

Still, of course, I couldn’t leave empty handed.  For a mere $40 I got me the prettiest little Normal Corn Snake, creamy orange with terracotta spots lined in black.  He’s about a foot long and the diameter of a pencil.  Easy money to drop since I didn’t need to acquire anymore gear to keep him.  His name is Abbie.

Abbie Normal Corn Snake.

Get it?



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