Re: Boards Gone Wild

Once again, the goings-on within American higher ed. put our troubles in perspective. 

Power Grab at DuPage

Periodically, colleges debate such questions as the future of the curriculum, the role of the student newspaper, how outside speakers should be selected, and so forth. At the College of DuPage, a community college outside of Chicago, the board recently proposed major overhauls on all these issues with a common theme — power that currently rests elsewhere would be moved to the trustees. 

Still, Deandad’s commentary on this is instructive to us:

Boards of Trustees are peculiar institutions. They have a dangerous combination of tremendous power, limited knowledge, and almost no accountability. Given that combination, it’s remarkable that most Boards work as well as they do.


Intoxicated by power, or insecure in their importance, or unclear on the concept, or for whatever reason, they stop trying to steward the college and start trying to manage it. BIG mistake.

Did I mention I just got elected as a faculty rep to our Board of Regents?


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