Allow me to be a bittuva douche for a moment

I haven’t had a moment like this since my Facebook mini-feed said, “Jack C. Laughlin is now friends with Benedict the XVI.”

Subsequent to viewing half of the appearance by my (Facebook) friend Warren Kinsella and Bernie Farber of the CJC on the Michael Coren Show, I added MC as a Facebook friend.  It made me snicker that other FB friends are going to see the announcement that I am now one of his (+1450) FB friends.

Ok, I’m happy to have it imagined that in some conceivable way Michael Coren and I are “friends.”  (Even though in no possible way in no possible universe could this be in any meaningful way true  … unless he prevented me from getting hit by a bus or something … maybe.) 

Now, I solicited this friendship.  But I went this far with no intention of going any further.  That is to say, I did not, at the same time, chose to join the Facebook group, “Fans of Michael Coren.”  Because while I might have it imagined that I am in some way a fan of MC – as being the “friend” such a minorly notorious person might imply – I really don’t want to see the FB announcement that I’ve joined a group of  his “fans;” that’s not a connection I want to see lingering in print.

Why?  I could cite lots of reasons, mostly about not wanting to be associated with free-speechin-libert-aryan anti-CHRC types who think they and their spokesvolk are persecuted by the state for sowing seeds which promise to sprout new violence against every group who ever got the hard shitend of the Western European and New World stick.  (Ok, I wish that was a net that caught up David Ahenakew.)

But no, it’s not for anything about those politics.  Rather, it’s because it’s apparent that Michael Coren possesses some degree of that narcissism that so many American TV and radio right-wing reptiles possess.  Who is the number one administrator of the Facebook group “Fans of Michael Coren?” Who invited me to join the goup?  None other than Michael Coren himself.

Ok, I may still become a fan.***  And here then is the (most) douchie part.  I may join if … MC joins my newly created Facebook group, “Fans of Jack C. Laughlin.”

Yeah, I feel kinda durdy now, in that way I do right after I make banal or just plain goofy comments in popular blogs and link em to this blog, passive-aggressively tryin’ to scare up readers.

***Full disclosure. Initially I ignored MC’s invitation to his group.  Later, after failing to find another FB group with a name prefixed by, “Fans of,” I briefly joined MC’s group, simply to see how it appeared in my mini-feed.  (I wanted to know if it came up as “Jack C. Laughlin has become a fan of Michael Coren.”  It didn’t and I deleted the story in my mini-feed and left the group.)

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  1. jackrroo said

    😥 Michael Coren has taken a pass on becoming a Fan of Jack C. Laughlin.

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