For Réal (and introducing a new post category)

… but for the benefit of everybuddy else I will say, I’m becoming reacquainted with the bald fact that, short of some say in changes to the figurative window-dressing, and a degree of control over departmental or academic matters, faculty participation in all other sorts of administration is farcical, with the will of the faculty seldom ever manifested at all.  At every turn, the participation of the talent in making decisions of any consequence is a nuisance to those with real authority.  (That becomes unvarnished contempt when the hired help bites the hands that feed it through, for example, trade-unionism.)  And what have I gone and done this year?  Signed up for no end of university service (though sans Union activity).

UD makes a comparison – which I also made this week concerning some committee work – with an elegant explanation of its meaning:

My husband … grew up in communist Poland. Everything people did there was like this*** – an empty mandated exercise that generated self-disgust and contempt for authority.

Subsequent to making the comparison I remembered this:


"We won't let you do a bad job."

All I’ve go to say is, if the moment of the comparison evoked something like this for you, or you feel like your decisions are always being questioned by a committee of junior villans out of an Ayn Rand novel, you aren’t merely trying to hide your incompetance and capriciousness from the world, you are trying to keep from admitting it to yourself.

***The required online(!) anti-harrassment training all 160,000 UC employees must complete by, um, today! but in which UC Irvine biologist Alexander McPherson refuses to participate.


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