Can David Frum Be Prevented from Ever Entering Canada Again?

To the Sunday Telegraph on the prospects of an Obama victory and Democratic Congressional gains:

This could look like an ideological as well as a party victory if we’re not careful …. With this huge new role for federal government in the economy, the possibility for mischief making is very, very great. One man should not have a monopoly of political and financial power. That’s very dangerous.

Now you fear mischief and from the White House?  I am absoluetly sick to death of every one of those American Enterprise assholes and their complete lack of scruple.  I watched Terrence McKenna’s The Bush Years last night.  I’d spring for box seats to see Douglas Feith waterboarded – “Did the White House decide to go to war, then used the WMD stuff after as pretext!” *gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.  Just cheap seats to see the same done to David Frum.  Just for the fun of it seems reason enough, although torturing him into saying ‘each according to his abilities, each according to his needs’ and stuff might have the positive effect of preventing any future journalistic acts of terrorism he might be planning.

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