Preparing for the worst

As you can tell, I’m reading a lot of academic blogs.  Some serious, some funny, even some written, and commented upon, by admin assholes.  All together, they leave me with two strong feelings.

1) I’m absolutely scared shitless that post-secondary education is going to collapse under its own weight.  UD and some other blogs are keeping me informed about all sorts of university corruption (I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to work at a school with giant sports programmes).  RYS reminds me that there are an awful lot of kids out there who really aren’t suited to higher ed. (I’m growing a little weary of explaining book report requirements).  Anyway, if some serious economic downturn occurs, might we see the closing of some universities?  If that were to happen, wouldn’t the 1st places to go be universities like mine?

2) But, at the same time, that those are things that happen at all sorts of other schools makes me think that things at my little college within the low-ranking federation really aren’t so bad.  Maybe as long as we remain off the radar we needn’t fear for our futures.


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