Language Log

Language Log is among my favourite blogs and I thank OE for intorducing me to it.  It’s often an accessible forum for issues of language and useage and grammar and hermeneutics and such.  But it is as often as arcane as I imagine any theoretical physics blog to be.  If I had to do it all over again, maybe I’d have called this here blog “pragmatically controlled zero anaphora.”


And from Language Log today, I was made to learn a new word which I doubt I’ll ever be able to put to use: divigations.  Thus sayeth the OED:

The action of divagating; a wandering or straying away or about: deviation; digression.

1560 Bk. Discipl. Ch. Scot. ix. (1621) 59 This skipping and divagation from place to place of Scripture. 1664 H. MORE Myst. Iniq. II. I. xi. 272 That the phancy may make no divagation. 1855 Ess. Intuit. Mor. 149 The illogical divagations of their adherents. 1881 Sat. Rev. 1 Jan. 13 Her divagations from the proper purpose of her life will be forgotten. 1883 STEVENSON Silverado Sq. ii. 78 With that vile lad to head them off on idle divagations.

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