The democracy of the internet has finally gone too far

Ok, I have to add my voice to the chorus of whiners who hate the new Facebook.  But not for the reasons of the rest of those jamokes who have simply reacted uncomfortably to change.  Hey, get over it, online stuff is kind of a good Buddhist metaphor – it’s constantly in flux.  Why do you give a rat’s ass that any of its interfaces change?  Ask yourself, what it would be like if it didn’t?.  Go watch that commercial full of wooden wheels.  You simply don’t really know what’s good for you.  I knew the likes of you in chatrooms, guess what, the internet doesn’t exist to serve you and you alone!

No, my complaint about the new Facebook is about what it subjects me to now, simply because I’m ‘friends’ with someone.  Before you commit, pause, as you would before sending drunken email, and ask yourself, do I need to subject any or all of this Facebook friend’s Facebook friends to my commentary on my Facebook friend’s Facebook status? 

Hey Archaeologist!  I don’t know you, don’t care to know you.  But beaking off about legends in your field within ‘earshot’ of me makes me think you’re an asshole.  Maybe you’re some kind of genius.  I really don’t care.  I’m a tenured professor: I’ve got lots of other opportunities to be a dink like that, and much of my time is necessarily taken up with the unpleasant duty of reading or listening to people go on about things in such a manner.  I don’t need to be sucker-punched by much of the same in my News Feed.  And, yeah, I know you and know you’re an IRL and Facebook friend of my Facebook – and I like to think IRL – friend.  I don’t like you, don’t care what you’ve got to say about anything.  It’s just another sign of your legendary self-absorption that you make me read your commentary.  Do you still think that living breathing grieving people should take your death and dying course?  Of course the things that keep some people awake at night don’t keep you awake.


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