Panicky Pagans or How Nancy Pelosi Will Turn Sarah Palin into a Newt

Since I’m a Religious-Studiesist, I’m kind of embarrassed that it didn’t dawn on me when Sarah Palin’s religious affiliation made the news that some might be just a tad concerned that America might be turning back the clock to 1692.  Starhawk writes of “waves of alarm throughout the Pagan and Wiccan communities.”  Bruce Wilson has written all about the Weird Theology in Wasilla.  Yeah geez, when the Assemblies of God think yer a buncha crazies ….



  1. Mackenzie said

    Wow. That woman is a nightmare. The Pagan communities must be shitting their collective pants over there.

    oh ya, and btw. at least one of your students actually chose Laurentian over other bigger schools in the province. Most days I don’t regret that choice.

  2. katie said

    well it is starhawk. i must have missed the ‘waves of alarm memo’, but yeah palin’s a tad…over the top. i’m not quite sure how she would have handled being around my household (i was raised baptist with one catholic and one pagan parent, and ended up pagan). it does make one wonder though…

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