The Mother of Most Posts

Alright, I’m probably going to rave on about multiple things here.  So, these rants will need to be stored in some rational kind of way.  I’m likely to colour these rants in vulgar shades.  So – without advertising the coarseness – I’m going to parent all these children under “AYFSM?”

That surely makes some go, “WTF?”  Actually, I was going to call it that.  But since the 1/2 man in Two and a Half Men has uttered that as Primetime dialogue, it’s clearly too cliched and, more importantly, no longer off colour enough for me to use as an expression of outrage bordering on apoplexy.

So, WTF is AYFSM?  An acronym for “Are you fucking shitting me!” in case you didn’t figure it out.  I’m going to use this for my outrage-rendering-me-nearly-inarticulate, but only you, present reader, need know that these letters represent the vernacular of the likes of Sarah Palin’s future son-in-law.  (If you just had a shuddering moment envisioning that illiterate soccer mom as Commander-In-Chief, send Heather Mallick some kind of message of support, would you?)

Anyway, I chose that because it’s an inside joke between me and the SO.  Long-short, some people have enough self-awareness to understand why, or at least enough dignity to accept that, they’ve been tossed off the island, while others affirm the judgement by exclaiming for the world to hear, “AYFSM!”

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